5. Better Test Scores. Since magnet schools often attract the best and brightest children, this leads to much higher test scores. Magnet schools have smaller classes and often offer hands-on learning that goes deeper than regular public schools can provide. At a magnet school, it is all about the academics. Charter Schools vs. This article defines what a magnet school is and what a charter school is, and compares the popularity of charter schools vs. magnet schools. In many ways, magnet schools are just another type of school but there are some key features which set these schools apart. Magnet high schools are public high schools that offer specialized courses, often designed around a theme. Is magnet school better than standard public school? Some magnet schools have a competitive entrance process, requiring an entrance examination, interview, or audition.Other magnet schools either select all students who apply, or use a lottery system among students who apply, while other combine elements of competitive entrance and a lottery among applicants.. While magnet schools are operated by the same district administration and school board as public schools — and they must adhere to the same state requirements — they have their own focus and approach to learning, and, according to Magnet Schools of America , they often exceed state standards. 6 However, there are large variations in magnet … Magnet and charter schools seek out family and community partnerships. He found that, on average, the 29th-ranked student at a magnet school performed as well on the SAT as the ninth-ranked student in a star suburban public school … Magnet Schools Charter schools and magnet schools are similar in some ways and different in others. I’m going to look at this from the big picture: Fundamentally, there’s no magic in how kids develop into productive, thriving adults. A magnet school is a type of public school that, while still part of the local public school system, has a particular curricular focus. In as much as the debate about magnet school vs charter school has been thoroughly over-flogged and the differences stated, there are still misconceptions about both setups and how they are really operated since they are considered to be alternative options to the conventional ones known to all and sundry. Magnet and charter schools are not usually on the same schedule to fill positions to ensure enrollment occurs, which allows the leadership of these institutions to find the best possible person for each position more often than not. The level of academic achievement is often greater, so students and teachers may be better motivated. Parents who wish to give their child a leg up on the competition for college enrollment would do well to enroll their child in a magnet school. Magnet schools comprise just 3.7 percent of public schools in the United States, 5 just over half as many as there are charter schools. The magnet and selectives keep students in the school system who would otherwise leave it, and provide a way for bright students who are poor or of color to get a better … Magnet schools are free public elementary and secondary schools of choice that are operated within the Wichita Public Schools.